Warrior’s Credo: Part 6: Free Will Fosters the Force of Freedom

Free will takes to the joust of disbelief, as many forsake the essence of one’s capacity for the freedom of choice. In lieu of liberation, most prefer enslavement to an ideology of deterministic oppression. Others, a valiant few, will fight on and resist the simplistic complacency of safe mediocrity in status quo consensus. Instead of the influence of logic, creativity and transformation, all often feelings devolve to selfish arrogance of antisocial contrivances.
Maladaptive and regressive, pitiful excuses for the stupidity, shape modern narratives from one alibi to the next. Frequently, responsibility hides with accountability the darkness of human motivations. While integrity searches for the lost horizons of credence, common sense takes exile. Human systems, influenced by over-lapping human interactions, devolve to the consumptive pursuit of consumer gluttony. Intellectual advancement suffers.
By neither dogma of original sinfulness, division of the fall, nor misbegotten hindsight of original righteousness, motivational factors are matters of rational selectivity. A cause is set into motion by willful and well-chosen targeting of specificity. With malice aforethought, premeditation and intentional purposes, instigation are set to motion. Yet, the complexity of human thinking dares the intricacy of psychological magic for purposeful instigation.
One suggestion for a linkage of personal freedom in a credo of self-reliance potentially relates to the nature of human consciousness. Complexity is too simplistic to define the wholeness or totality of such manifestations. Not to forget of course, the necessity for personal proclivity in creativity, the innovative criticality of self-transformation. Many will not change. Regressive resistance will satisfy most satisfied with the less than creative banality of life.

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